Lingerie Care Guide

We want you to get the most out of your purchases from Claudia May Lingerie. We believe that a lot of our products will last a lifetime if they are looked after properly.
We would always advise to read the care label on each product before washing it.
We would recommend washing all bras in the sink using Soak Wash. Read about Soak wash here.
Fill up a basin with cold water, this helps shock the elastic back into place. Put the required amount of Soak Wash into the water and put your bra(s) into the Soak infused water. Soak like coloured bras together.
You should then gently squeeze excess water out of your bra and lay flat to dry in a warm place. We would also recommend placing a clean towel under the bra to prevent damaging wooden floors or carpets. Never wring out a bra as you can damage it.
Most, not all, knickers we stock can be washed in a machine at 30 degrees on a delicate setting. Wash like coloured products together and air dry. Do not put knickers in the tumble dryer, you will reduce their life span.
A lot of our nightwear is silk or like fabrics. We would recommend hand washing these products to protect them from any machine damage.
How often should I be washing my lingerie?
Bras: It depends how warm your body gets. We recommend washing bras after two wears maximum.
Knickers: After every wear. This is very important for hygiene reasons.
Nightwear: As often as you deem necessary but we feel every few wears your pretties deserve a refresh.
How should I store my lingerie?
Where possible, bras should be stored flat and not folded. Folding non-padded bras is less damaging to the product but you should avoid folding lined/padded bras where possible. Any product with wires in, including suspenders and basques, should be stored with care to avoid product damage.
You can hang or fold your nightwear depending on your storage space. You can even keep it folded in the box it is delivered in.

How to care for your lingerie