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My love affair with Aubade began in January 2016 as I was leaving the Moda Exhibition. The intimate photography pulled me to their stand and the first item I picked up was a beautiful navy blue silk slip with a pale trim. Instantly, I knew I had to stock it.

The quality of their products was nothing like I had ever seen or felt before and, in my quest to find the best lingerie out there, Aubade was the brand I could not stop talking about.

In the 1960’s Aubade was the first company to make coloured matching sets, a fashion statement which has since dominated the entire lingerie industry. The brand is responsible for a trail of innovations that could almost represent the history of lingerie: the first strapless bras, halter bras, the legendary “Agrafe-coeur” (the bra that hooks in front).

Aubade focus their marketing towards couples. Using the strapline “The Art of Seduction” combined with stunning photography this is no doubt true. But we think the Aubade products are quite simply classics of the genre and should simply be worn for their own sake.

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Crépuscle Satiné Nightie Cuivre | Aubade | Luxury nightwear