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Claudia May Lingerie launched in 2016 with a simple quest: to seek out the very best lingerie around the world and bring it to women in the UK.
Lingerie which is:
Beautiful: We don’t care if no one else sees it; just knowing that what we are wearing underneath is stunning, makes us feel fantastic.
Comfortable: Yes, our lingerie needs to be aesthetically pleasing, but we also want it to feel good next to our skin.
Ethical: We can’t wear lingerie we know is ecologically unsound or which has been made in anything but the best factory conditions where the workers are looked after and treated fairly.
And what did we find?
Well firstly that the best lingerie brands are not necessarily available on the high street. In seeking out the very best products we have discovered some fantastic companies to work with; companies which are as passionate about lingerie as we are and which are continuously innovating and improving their ranges.
But we didn’t stop there. From our chosen brands we then selected their best products so we could be sure that our on-line store truly stocks the best of the best.
Working closely with our chosen brands is important to us because we believe aesthetically pleasing products should not compromise on quality or comfort. We want to ensure that you have access not only to the finest lingerie available today but also to the best new ranges as they become available.
Our mission is to inspire women to wear beautiful lingerie all the time and not just on special occasions.
Each day we want you to feel comfortable.
Each day we want you to feel confident.
Each day we want you to feel great.
Each day should be an occasion for gorgeous intimates.
And our promise to you? That we will provide only the finest products from only the best brands.
Why would you wear anything else?