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My first encounter with Katherine Hamilton was at iNDX in August 2017. Having developed an eye for quality lingerie since the Claudia May Lingerie venture began, I was instantly drawn to her stand. The item that stood out to me in the collection was the Abbie Vintage Rose Robe and I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks after.

Katherine Hamilton inspires you to wear your finest underthings for all occasions, a value that is shared with Claudia May Lingerie. Their designs combine luxury materials from silks to French lace with superior technical fit and comfort. There are years of technical research and development behind the designs which have created their trademark shape of forward projection and lift of the bust with a rounded silhouette. Not only are these designs incredibly well thought out, they are also made from exquisite lightweight materials that still support you throughout your daily activities. Katherine Hamilton makes a large bust dream bra into a reality.

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Katherine Hamilton | Abbie Vintage Rose Silk Robe