Gift Guide

Buying lingerie for your partner can be really rewarding when done correctly. There are three main factors to think about when buying for your partner.
The best way to determine your partner’s bra size is to look at the bra labels of their most commonly worn bras. You should also look to see what the styles are if there is a difference in sizing. For example, if your partner is a 34B in a balconette bra, they might be a 32C in a plunge bra. This is called sister sizing which often occurs across brands and bra styles.
To determine your partner's underwear size, again a rummage through their drawers will tell you if they are a size XS S M L XL or 8, 10, 12, 14 etc…
Bodies and night slips are often in clothing sizes or XS S M L XL. Check your partner’s tighter fitting clothes or lingerie as a guide when buying a body suit. Check a dress for night slip sizes.
In bra and knickers, selecting similar styles to those your partner already has is a safe move. You want them to like the gift. They will know what styles suit and flatter them the best so you should encourage their decisions. If your partner doesn’t have a thong in their drawer, do not buy a thong. They might not find this particular style comfortable and it would therefore be a wasted gift.
If your partner does not own a lot of lingerie, we would recommend buying a night slip as we do not believe you can go wrong offering your partner beautiful nightwear as well as something that is acceptable to walk around the house in.
One of the worst mistakes you can make is buying something in a colour your partner hates. You should know their favourite colour and the colour of the lingerie they have worn before. If they have a few bright coloured bras in their drawer but normally wear their darks and pales, this means you should go for a practical colour. Although your intentions might be to just have the matching set worn in the bedroom, your partner will be far more grateful if they can wear something under clothes as well.
Night slips etc can be brought in bolder colours, but again, be considerate in your choice. If your partner doesn’t own any lingerie and wears black all of the time, buy something dark. If they wear bold colours in pyjamas you could get away with picking a brighter colour, but always refer to their current wardrobe.
Things to remember
If your partner has absolutely no interest in pretty or sexy underwear, you should probably discuss buying lingerie as a gift first.
When you buy a gift for someone, you will always buy something you think they will like. Lingerie should be no different, it is still about them and not about you, you just might like this gift as well.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any further advice with your gift buying. We are always happy to help.
Buying Lingerie for a partner