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Careaux is a new dress concept created by Rachel and her sister Laura. The idea, or fairytale of Careaux is a dress that you can customise to your specific needs on the day that you wear it. The top and bottom halves of the dress are interchangeable by using a zip in the midriff meaning and you can choose from two top styles and two bottom styles. The dresses are made in Manchester, UK, and are made from a luxurious UK sourced heavyweight jersey and a luxury stretch lining for added comfort to fit your shape and your dreams. The dresses move away from fast fashion and are ethically produced.
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Meet Rachel
What made you decide to go into fashion?
I have been in love with clothing, dresses especially for as long as I can remember. But for me, since I was younger I have always remembered special moments in my life by what I was wearing and what the people around me were wearing and how the clothes made me feel. I wanted to capture this feeling and create a dress you could wear at all your special moments in life, the dress that you can always turn to, the dress you are wearing that made you believe you can make your dreams come true.
How did you come up with the concept for Careaux?
Careaux was born when I was fourteen and studying for my GCSEs. One night when I was trying to get to sleep, the idea of a dress which is now known as the Careaux Black Dress came to me. From that moment I could not stop thinking about the idea. I told my sister, Laura and from then it became our dream to make Careaux come true. I always used to borrow (well steal) Laura’s clothes but I wanted to change either the style or one part didn’t fit, so I wanted to find a way around that. At the time my two favourite subjects were Art, where I made a dress from start to finish with my Nana, and Maths which is all about problem solving. I think all these things combined together to create the Careaux Black Dress.
You work with your older sister, how have you found creating a business within the family?
Working with my sister, Laura has been great firstly as she has a car (only joking). It has been great as we know each other so well but at the same time we chat (or bicker as sisters do) about anything and usually end up speaking about Careaux all day.
Careaux Founders
Laura right | Rachel left
I know it's only day one, literally, but where are you hoping Careaux will be in a year?
This is such an exciting question, I hope Careaux will be the dress you are wearing when all your dreams come true!
What was your background before Careaux?
For the past four years I have been studying Maths at The University of Manchester, this is where I delved further into the Maths behind Careaux which uses Combinatorics to work out how many different style and size combinations you can have. The city is a huge part of Careaux with our dresses being made here and we want to celebrate the city as a place of innovation.
What has been your biggest challenge in setting up and launching a business?There have honestly been so many! I think for me I was applying for a patent therefore I had to keep the actual details of the dress confidential for a really long time. But in general for me a challenge I have faced is not having run a business before it can be difficult sometimes for people to believe in you. That leads to my advice below.
Setting up and launching a company is really time consuming. How have you managed a work life balance?
Something I have had to learn is that there is always more to do - I am a perfectionist and always want to finish things the best I can but running a business is more about getting it done and moving forward everyday. But as always, this is different for everyone. I always take time out for a cup of tea and to play with my dogs.
What would you say to anyone else who is struggling to go through with launching a business idea?
As cliche as it sounds, this is what Careaux is all about, believing you can make your dreams come true you’ve had since you were little or more recent dreams. For me, as hard as launching a business if it is your dream you can do it - you meet so many wonderful people, learn so much whilst creating your own piece of magic in the world. Stay determined, carry on and don’t get disheartened.
What has been the most rewarding part of Careaux so far?
The most rewarding part has to be the moment of putting on the first Careaux Black Dress. In the past eight years with it being a concept that hasn’t been done before, there have been so many lessons to be learnt, the simplest things turned out to be the hardest and people weren’t even sure it could have been done. It was incredibly special to see something you have dreamt of for so long come true. In the future, I hope the most rewarding part becomes me and Laura being able to help others in whatever they want to do, whatever they dream of.

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