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Olivia Tripp swayed away from the conventional education route and decided that university wasn’t for her. Instead, Olivia interned for various retail companies to learn the fashion industry inside and out. After just one year of interning she secured a position at a luxury lingerie brand. She left the company after three years to pursue her dream as a freelancer and started Weekend:IN in 2016 with a passion to help independent brands achieve big ideas without huge budgets.
Olivia Tripp
Meet Olivia
What made you decide to go into influencer events?
My previous role was working for a luxury lingerie brand, here I discovered the importance of working with influencers. Working for a small brand, I realised it was sometimes hard to get access to influencers without having a large budget to pay to work with them. I had the idea of bringing influencers together with independent businesses in an event, giving the brand opportunity for promotion by multiple influencers for less cost.

What has been the most rewarding part of your business?
When months of planning all comes together at the events, it is great! Seeing the social content at the end of the day from the influencers promoting brands involved it very exciting and getting good feedback from influencers and brands involved is rewarding.

What has been the most interesting event that you've hosted and why?
Each 'Weekend:IN' influencer event is super fun to organise. Every time I run an event it is even more exciting to organise. I love meeting new influencers each time and also working with amazing brands.

What kind of brands do you enjoy working with?
I love to work with design-led independent businesses. Some of the amazing businesses I have worked with include Paper Smiths, Caro Somerset, Ollie Quinn, Shoreditch Nails and Yawn London.
Olivia Tripp | Weekend:IN
Has fashion always played an important role in your life?
I have always loved fashion. I originally was looking to go to university to study fashion promotion, but decided to go down the interning route instead. I've always cared about what I wear and love clothes. Some of my favourite brands to work with are fashion brands.

Social media must play a huge role in your business, what's your favourite social media platform and why?
Definitely Instagram! All the brands I work with are really visual, so Instagram is the obvious platform. I love the creativity of it and love to make things look pretty.

What are your interests outside of work?
I love eating and drinking! I'm always looking for the next best independent restaurant or bar to discover. I also love travelling and exploring new creative cities.

If you could give one piece of advice to women setting up a business, what would it be?
Just go for it! I quit my full-time job to become freelance and created the Weekend:IN event shortly after. I could’ve easily thought about my event for a long time and someone could’ve beat me to it, but just believing in my idea and going for it worked out perfectly.

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