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Parker Petite | Luxury Clothing
Becky Parker founded Parker Petite which launched at the very end of 2017 to bring the petite women of the world professional attire for the workplace. All dresses are made to order and are for the ambitious petite women among us.

Meet Becky
What inspired you start up a Petite clothing brand?
Being somewhat vertically challenged at only 5', finding clothes that fit me well and are suitable for work and more formal occasions has always been a challenge. Being able to fit into the children's sections of New Look and H&M doesn't normally allow for professional-looking clothing and so after several years studying textiles through to A-Level, I had the experience and knowledge to start making my own clothes. Fast forward a few years and I came across many women alike me in my career that had the exact same problems with clothing. Petite clothing from the normal retailers just didn't quite fit them properly and the proportions were still wrong, despite their 'petite' labeling. Knowing that I could make my own clothing from scratch and truly knew the proportions of a petite woman, I decided that my entrepreneurial flare could be well served in helping petite ladies to feel more confident in their professional attire.
What was your background before PP?
After almost studying Maths at university, I had skills in two keys areas; maths and textiles. Not sure that I wanted to pursue either as a career path, I then spent three years in a variety of office support roles, mainly in HR and payroll. Having always wanted to start my own business, I took on an Office Management role in a startup-style business and have learnt an incredible amount about how the daily running of a business works and absolutely love it!
What do you want women to feel when they wear a Parker Petite dress?
More often than not, petite ladies say that they struggle with a lack of confidence. Whether in the boardroom or in an interview, shorter ladies struggle with the challenges of feeling confident amongst a taller crowd. The inspiration behind Parker Petite is to create beautiful, professional dresses and clothing to elongate the petite figure and encourage inner confidence to bloom. I want petite ladies to feel empowered and confident in their every day lives and careers.
Parker Petite | Becky Parker
What is your current vision for the brand?
I'd really love to see my designs sold in small retailers and to start having designs manufactured in London. I hope to transition over to a manufacturer with expertise in the petite clothing industry in the future to be able to deliver products quicker to customers rather than being on a made-to-order basis.
What was your biggest struggle in launching your own clothing brand?
I think that being a perfectionist has held me back, and because of this, it's taken me a further six months to be happy to launch my brand. Having said that, I have spent a lot more time on the sizing and proportion of my products than I had planned, and that is where my expertise and USP lies so I think that extra time has served me well. I was worried about making every single aspect of the branding, logo, website, product, packaging, etc perfect that it never felt ready to launch, and so I then focused on the one area (the actual product fit) and finally launched! Working full-time at the same time as starting up is tough and there's often not enough hours in the day, but progress is just that: progress.
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What would be your best piece of advise for someone setting up their own brand?
Your business will not be perfect on day one, and I really struggled with that aspect at first. As long as what you are offering has a solid reason why people should buy your product or service from you, then the rest will follow in time as you and your business develops and grows with the customer in mind. Starting up with low costs is greatly beneficial, but having some funds set aside to invest in the most important areas of the business is a good strategy, as there will always be some costs involved in starting up. Having a support network around you that will give you honest, constructive feedback as well as encourage you to keep going when things are tough is also a real game changer; entrepreneurship can be an incredibly lonely lifestyle!
It's still early days but what has been the most rewarding part of Parker Petite so far?
The feedback and support that I've received from my followers on Instagram in particular has been amazing. I developed a focus group of petite ladies (mainly bloggers) online and have been getting some great feedback from them on an individual and group level, and it's really helped to define what is important to them and to consider some of the things that I have perhaps overlooked. I also had the opportunity to speak with Steve Bartlett (CEO of Social Chain) after winning one of his competitions, and his words of encouragement and wisdom really helped me to feel that I had what it takes to do this!
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Besides Petite clothing, what are you passionate about?
I absolutely love interior design and enjoy cracking on with some DIY in my first home - when I'm not working or making dresses! Pinterest is both my best friend and my worst enemy with an endless amount of inspiration!
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