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Having become a huge fan of Wen’s blog and instagram this year, I wanted to get to know the woman behind the blog and what her inspirations are.
ComicsGirlsNeedBras specialises in blogging about lingerie, particularly smaller bands and larger cup sizes and incorporates beautiful self portrait images of her in the lingerie to give readers a better understanding of fit.

Meet Wen
How long have you had your blog for?
My blog is about to turn two! 

How did you come up with your blog name?
Actually, I was looking for a name which would reflect me as I am: messy, talkative, often going too far, but deeply in love with lingerie, and books, notably comics books. I found the name while reading a Catwoman comic where her lingerie was all around her apartment. I remember finding it funny that she actually owns underwear but never wears it under her Catwoman suit. I would have called my blog "Comics Girls need Bras too" but it would have been too long.

How long did it take for your blog to take off?
I actually felt supported by the lingerie community early in my progression. I found it very welcoming and kind, although I wasn't fluent yet in English, I didn't know how to write my thoughts properly, or even how to take decent pictures. I am actually super grateful that more experienced bloggers took the time to read my blog and give me some feedback. Also, I have received a lot of support from brands, when I was really not the only option for them to work with. I received my first PR samples a month and a half after starting my blog and after that, I think I have worked with brands on a monthly basis from that point. I don't really know when my blog "took off". It was super progressive but every step has been very rewarding. I think after my first Curve NY (8months after I started my blog), things have moved faster.

Why did you choose lingerie as your blog interest?
Well, lingerie is my first passion. I am a very easily distracted person and I have had many hobbies but none of them has ever been able to push me to give my best, before I discovered the lingerie industry. Now it must sound silly but lingerie did that for me. I can read about it for hours, look for information about it, try to make it, dream about it. It forced me to speak English before school could. It helped me get out of my little shell as I am an introvert. I am constantly learning about society, art, and myself thanks to lingerie. So I choose to talk about that. It is pretty much the only thing that I don't get tired of.

ComicsGrilsNeedBras and maude nibelungen
ComicsGrilsNeedBras for Maude Nibelungen
We all know you as Comicsgirlsneedbras, what do you do alongside your blog
I am still a student at the moment. I am actually a student researcher in molecular biology. I have been studying medical biology in undergrad and now I am focused on cancerology. 

Apart from blogging about lingerie what do you enjoy doing in your free time? (Hobbies, interests e
To be honest my blog is taking me A LOT of time. The simple fact that I always have to improve my photography skills takes time. When I am not blogging, I am basically trying to keep up with school work or to eat perfect patisseries. But I also love listening to podcasts about history, old movies, entreprenariat and the ones that openly talk about issues going on in the world and how we could improve the situation. My latest obsession is to look for a way to go ethical in most part of my life while being on a student budget. This actually takes a lot of energy, time and patience.
Did you face any criticism when starting out your blog? If yes how did you overcome this?
Hum... Fortunately, I didn't face much negativity. Some of my friends didn't get the point and told me more or less openly that they didn't see where I was going with the blog, I have had some racists comments, but a few. From my readers, and the lingerie community I mostly received constructive criticism. I think that the more difficult part is to have your loved ones not believing in your project but my family was really supportive so any other thing didn't really matter. 

What has been the most rewarding part of blogging?
I think this blog helped me to be myself and to gain confidence. I have met amazing people, I got the opportunity to model for brands I love, I stopped hating on my body (although like everybody I keep hating on myself sometimes for other reasons), I now wear my afro more often, and I also get to talk to people who have the same interest as me on a daily basis, which is so hard to find in my "real life" environment.

ComicsGirlsNeedBras for ELLESMERE LINGERIE
ComicsGirlsNeedBras for ELLESMERE LINGERIE
What piece of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a blog?
Be passionate, don't be afraid to talk to people, and do you. I know some people read blog for practical reasons, but for me it is also about entertainment so I prefer reading personal thoughts than plenty of data about lingerie. Raw data is practical but it doesn’t invite people into the discussion (unless you are doing a scientific presentation). We obviously need these facts to make our own opinion on a product, but I personally prefer to read a personal analysis. That said, it depends on the purpose of your blog. But I realized that in order to connect easily with others, one needs to be a little personal. Another advice would be to write when you are inspired and not because you feel like you have too. This can really be a source of stress and could ruin blogging for you.


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