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Chroma Stationery was born in 2014 by Gabi Cox who wanted to bring exciting stationery into the adult world using bright colours and personalised touches. She works with a variety of clients including every day customers, to some huge brands such as American Airlines. All products are proudly made in the UK and Gabi is continually working hard to build her already thriving brand.
Gabi Cox | Chroma Stationery
Meet Gabi
What was your background before setting up Chroma Stationery?
I set up Chroma Stationery whilst in my final year of University. I studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging with a focus on Marketing and PR at UCA Epsom. Whilst at Uni I completed a lot of internships and work experience placements, at the likes of Glamour Magazine, British Vogue & London Fashion Week. These gave me a really great idea of the kind of work I wanted to do as well as experience working in high pressure situations.
Chroma Stationery | luxury stationery
Where does your love of stationery come from?
I've always been obsessed with colour and paper. As a child, I used to collect the colourful, shiny wrappers from my Easter eggs and smooth them out to keep. I've grown up as a notebook hoarder and kept a diary for nearly 10 years; using pen and paper has always been very important to me.
What is your favourite product/ collection you have created?
The 2018 Diaries - this year I've gone for the Elizabeth pink with rose gold embossing.
Chroma Stationery | 2018 Diaries
What has been the most exciting part of the Chroma Stationery story?
There have been a few moments which have really stuck out. Providing products for amazing brands like American Airlines, Boots & Max Factor has always been really exciting.
In December 2017, Youtuber,  Zoella also mentioned her Chroma diary in her gift guide - this caused my Website Live Chat to crash and my products to sell out. It was a very crazy few weeks in the run-up to Christmas!
What has been a struggle you have had to deal with and how did you deal with it?
I set up Chroma alone and have so far only had freelancers work with me; I've found making big decisions or getting through stressful times without a team of people or a business partner to bounce ideas off of tricky at times. To combat this I make sure to have a network of fellow small business owners I can send a message to or get in touch with.
How do you manage a work life balance?
It isn't always easy, especially during busy times, I can often fall into being a bit of a workaholic. Since moving into my office space in March, I've been able to leave work behind which has made a big difference and stopped me working late into the evenings and weekends.
I try to make sure I take a break away from my phone and laptop every day whilst walking my dog.
Gabi Cox | Chroma Stationery
Apart from stationery, what are you other loves?
Outside of Chroma Stationery I love to practice yoga; I find it really helps me to shut off from work and relax. I also took up ballroom dancing in January 2017, which I adore.
I spend a lot of time with friends, family and my mini dachshund Toby and love to watch sport & eat out.
What piece of advice would you give to someone starting out on their own business?
My biggest piece of advice would be to surround yourself with people who love and support you. Build a network of people who will cheer for you when you succeed and be there when things get tough. Having fellow business owners you can reach out to and chat through things with can be vital; especially if you're starting out on your own.

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