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Wonderful Women Wednesday | Lauren Jobling | The Wardrobe Doctor

London based Lauren Jobling runs a personal shopping service where she transforms her clients wardrobes with her step by step procedure (read more below). She will detox your wardrobe of unnecessary clutter giving you a stylish and functioning wardrobe that is easy for you to find your feet in. She also offers a virtual personal shopping service for those who are based outside of London. Meet Lauren What made you decide to go into a fashion based business? I love fashion and it's been in my blood since i was a child, I always wanted to dress myself from such a young age. What was your background before the Wardrobe Doctor? I was still in fashion, but mainly marketing, Social...

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Wonderful Women Wednesdays | Rachel Beattie | Careaux

Careaux is a new dress concept created by Rachel and her sister Laura. The idea, or fairytale of Careaux is a dress that you can customise to your specific needs on the day that you wear it. The top and bottom halves of the dress are interchangeable by using a zip in the midriff meaning and you can choose from two top styles and two bottom styles. The dresses are made in Manchester, UK, and are made from a luxurious UK sourced heavyweight jersey and a luxury stretch lining for added comfort to fit your shape and your dreams. The dresses move away from fast fashion and are ethically produced. Meet Rachel What made you decide to go into fashion?I have been...

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