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It time to part ways with PrimaDonna - Statement

It's time to part ways with PrimaDonna... I launched almost two years ago and PrimaDonna has been with me throughout the adventure at Claudia May Lingerie. Deciding not to stock PrimaDonna moving forward hasn't been an easy decision as I have seen how the PD product has transformed women when we have done in- office fittings and the feedback from orders has always been positive. I still absolutely love the PrimaDonna brand and what it stands for but earlier this year PrimaDonna made the decision to launch their own online store which I have decided not to compete against. Of course there will be a replacement brand coming, I have already got one in line which will be coming shortly...

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The Cost of Lingerie Part Two: Quality Control

Following on from Part One of our series "The cost of your lingerie: What makes your bra ethical?" Another side of the topic I wanted to discuss was quality control.Claudia May Lingerie has an in house quality control whereby all products are inspected before we ship them out to customers to ensure there are no disappointments when you open your order. But quality control starts right at the beginning of your lingerie item's journey. Tedious material checkingYou'll never find an issue with the material your lingerie is made out of, look how much inspection goes into every inch of fabric and lace at the PrimaDonna Factory! This job can be strenuous on the eyes so the quality control team switch tasks every two...

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PrimaDonna are the Best Selling European Brand two years running!

We want to say a huge congratulations to PrimaDonna for being the Best Selling European Brand for the second year running! It’s really no surprise though, with quality control being implemented at every single stage of production and each bra style taking 18 months to develop and 93% of PrimaDonna bra wearers recommending the brand to a friend. PrimaDonna know how to make bras for the larger bust better than anyone. We are extremely proud to be stocking their most sought after styles as part of our curated luxury lingerie collection. Congratulations PrimaDonna!

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