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Deciding to model for my own brand | Photoshopping

Just over a year ago I started to become the face of Claudia May Lingerie. The decision came after a phone call with the CEO of Social Chain, Steven Bartlett, where we discussed personal branding. I also went through some personal changes in my life and with a new era and deeper love for my body and a need for fresh content I grabbed my tripod stand and started shooting. The first image I posted - Testing the waters with a Silk Robe Putting images of yourself on the internet scantily clad is always going to be an intimidating thing to do at first. I'm very happy with the way that I look and a lot of that stems from the...

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Steps to gaining back your confidence this year and for life

2017 was a year for implementing everything I learnt in 2016. I receive a lot of compliments on the positive attitude I hold towards myself. Here are a few things I have done to get myself into a happy and comfortable place that I think many of you could find useful. Words of affirmation.Telling yourself you are beautiful is not vain. We have become accustomed to rejecting compliments, let alone giving them to ourselves. It is okay to tell yourself that you are intelligent, caring, and beautiful, whatever it is that you need to hear. You cannot rely on hearing it from someone else and the more you actually say these things to yourself, they become your normal belief. Do...

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The Year Of Confidence

The foundation of which Claudia May Lingerie was born on was the confidence lingerie gave me in every situation of my life. We are going to be making some changes across the brand this year, not a rebrand as such but focusing more on our core values and we want to get you, yes you, more involved because our products are here because of what they do for you and the most rewarding parts of Claudia May Lingerie have been seeing women in their new lingerie and how they have felt. Over the summer of 2017 I kit a woman out at our office with a new lingerie wardrobe. She had never owned a matching set before and she was...

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