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Deciding to model for my own brand | Photoshopping

Just over a year ago I started to become the face of Claudia May Lingerie. The decision came after a phone call with the CEO of Social Chain, Steven Bartlett, where we discussed personal branding. I also went through some personal changes in my life and with a new era and deeper love for my body and a need for fresh content I grabbed my tripod stand and started shooting. The first image I posted - Testing the waters with a Silk Robe Putting images of yourself on the internet scantily clad is always going to be an intimidating thing to do at first. I'm very happy with the way that I look and a lot of that stems from the...

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What lingerie to specifically buy this Christmas

Christmas can be a difficult time for thinking up thoughtful presents. Lingerie is a really intimate gift to buy for someone so it is important to be thoughtful in the process. Here is a list of our Christmas lingerie gift ideas and for the type of woman each gift would be appropriate for. Ivresse Byzantine | For the fantasy bra lover This incredible set features a fuchsia pink base covered in gorgeous red leavers lace and is finished off with Swarovski elements. The bra style is a plunge push up and is perfect for a lady who loves the idea of a fantasy bra that she can actually wear all of the time. Ivresse Byzantine | Bra £118 | Bottoms...

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