Lingerie is for life, not just Valentine's Day

February 14th is just around the corner and we are encouraged to partake in buying gifts for our significant other or write them a nice card expressing our love for them. Valentine’s Day is notorious for people buying lingerie for the holiday in an attempt to please their partner in something pleasing to the eye.

Ivresse Byzantine Moulded Push Up Bra | Luxury Lingerie for Valentine's Day

Claudia May Lingerie was founded on the basis that women should stop saving their lingerie for special occasions and enjoy it all year round so really it would be hypocritical for us to change our beliefs to market the holiday. Sure, there is nothing wrong with buying something new for this particular day to indulge yourself in or to please your partner with but February 14th should not be the only day of the year where you wear beautiful or sexy lingerie.

Aubade A L'Amour | Luxury Lingerie for Valentine's Day

It’s not hard to believe that when a woman feels sexy and confident in her lingerie that she will project that even if it’s covered in clothes. Amazing lingerie can change how you carry yourself. The average woman owns just 9 bras. There’s 365 days in a year which means you should wear each bra 40 times in a year, this should include your sexier sets. Of course not all lingerie is practical for everyday wear and some of us will own some more boudoir styles that won’t work under clothes but if your bra is beautiful or sexy and offers support and the correct shape for your outfit WEAR IT. Don’t throw it in the bottom drawer of your dresser and get it out only on special occasions, respect the bra more than that and treat yourself as worthy of beautiful bras more than just a few times a year.

Wear your best every day.


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