Feeling confident in your body when you don't

I get a lot of requests asking me to talk more about body positvity, confidence and how to feel empowered. First of all I feel that the word "empowered" is the most saturated word in the lingerie/ fashion market and it's personally something I'm staying clear of. Claudia May Lingerie is a boutique experience online which is more than just shopping for lingerie, it's personal, right through from my "Claudia Says" on each product to your hand written note in your order. Claudia May Lingerie is about making you feel good and to be who you want to be. Some days you might want to conquer the world in your lingerie and other days you might want to sit in a £300 silk robe and cry and both of those things are totally okay.
Maison Lejaby | Dot Flower | Luxury Lingerie
At the beginning of 2017 I started to become the face of Claudia May Lingerie. It was a really fantastic decision and it has allowed me to be apart of both the shop owner and blogger community both of which I value so much.
But what happens when you rely on yourself for your confident marketing and you don't feel so confident anymore?
After my move to London in June 2018 my body start to change a lot after a few months. I don't fully know why but I think due to a lack of sleep and some highly stressful situations my metabolism must have slowed right down. As a principle I don't weigh myself, but my hips have widened massively over the last year and I'm not sure if that's mother natures way of telling me to have a baby or not (not happening by the way) but I found out that in your 20s you go through a "second puberty" and I believe that's what happened to me. My body has come with some Zebra stripes over the last year as well which has made stripping down in to my lingerie far more daunting.
Chantelle Soft Stretch | Luxury Lingerie
Now my body is amazing, it functions well most of the time, but sometimes it's hard to accept changes to your body that come around so suddenly. I'm actually writing this post because I know a lot of you also feel the same way because you've gone through your "second puberty" recently as well and you're finding ways to accept yourself.
Last month I finally admitted on the CML social pages about my body journey this year and I can't tell you what a weight off my shoulders it's felt like. When you face things you fear it's never as bad as you think it might be. Thank you all for your kindness.
Katherine Hamilton | Abbie Vintage Rose | Luxury Lingerie
Confidence is a mind set and it is okay to not feel confident all of the time, it's not normal to. But it's also not normal to think that your body is awful if you don't fit into that "instagram famous" body type that we see all over the internet. Remember not to compare yourself to others and if you find yourself doing that, switch off your social media for a while.
Don't obsess over yourself. Eat well and exercise, just be healthy and take care of yourself in the way you should.
Don't care what other people think about you. Literally block that negativity if you have to.
Remember that everyone is always so much harsher on themselves than they are on others. Stop it and talk to yourself as you would to your friends.
Happy loving your body everyone.

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