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Lingerie has always played a huge part in my life. Right back before it was called lingerie. When I was a child I obsessed over pretty knickers and nothing could be plain. It had to have something on it that I thought was pretty like flowers. I also cared a lot about my nightwear and I remember having this “silk” nightdress that was light pink with butterflies on it and I remember feeling really pretty in it. Many years on, I now can’t leave the house in underwear that doesn’t match. I wanted to share with you my favourite pieces of lingerie that I chose to stock at Claudia May Lingerie. Lingerie is the foundation of your outfit which changes how you carry yourself. It’s not about seduction, although it can help... But for me personally, it’s the ultimate ingredient to feeling feminine. 
Aubade Boite A Desire Crystal Body | Luxury Lingerie
This bodysuit is probably the most dazzling piece we have stocked at CML. It’s the perfect bodysuit for outerwear if you wear a v neck with a low back body underneath. Otherwise it’s the perfect piece to pop on for the boudoir.
Aubade A L'Amour Noir | Luxury Lingerie
Aubade A l’amour reminds me of romance. It’s the bra I was wearing when I met my partner and I wore it on our first date, not that he knew that. But this set takes me back to a time I am really fond of. I’ve had it for over two years and with the right care, it’s lasted and still has a lot of life left in it. I also adore it in the colourway Rouge darling with the matching suspender.
Chantal Thomass | French Luxury Lingerie
I live in this strapless bra. It’s my automatic go to when I need something to wear with thin straps. It’s already in the sale but you can take an extra 23% off just because I love it so much. Please check the size guide for the matching knickers first though as they run large.
Aubade Silk Nightdress | Crepscule Satine
This Aubade nightie is my favourite throw on for lounging around the house in hot weather. It’s super light and delicate. It was also the first item I touched at a trade show that made me want to set up my own lingerie business. The feel of the silk and lace is beyond anything you could put next to your skin. It’s also available in a gorgeous copper colour in very limited sizes.
Also already in the sale with the extra discount.
Katherine Hamilton Vintage Rose Abbie
Katherine Hamilton is a lingerie designer ahead of the times. Using bespoke wiring for each size bra, the price point of this product is beyond worth it. It feels a little odd to wear right away as the bespoke wires encourage a forward facing fit which means your girls sit in the right place and you don’t have underwire digging into you. Abbie in vintage rose is my absolute favourite as the light pink personally works for me as a nude as I’m very pale.
Orders placed with Katherine Hamilton products can only be sent on second class delivery. We rarely offer any discount on this product so if you want to try the brand, now is your chance!
Bare Bamboo Lingerie by Janay intimates
The Bare Collection, of course. If it’s a Sunday and I’m not in Bare, something must be very wrong, like I must have actually made plans to leave the house. While you can absolutely wear this lingerie set out and about, for me it’s my favourite lazy day underwear. The bodysuit is perfect as outerwear though and I would recommend pairing with high waisted jeans or a skirt.
Miss Lejaby Lily Bra | Luxury Lingerie
Miss Lejaby is my favourite daily wear bra. It offers the best shape out of any of my bras and the plunging style works under a variety of clothing styles. It’s an absolute wardrobe essential.
Aubade A L'amour Rouge Darling
Happy celebration shopping lingerie lovers.
Take 23% off this collection using CLAUDIA23


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