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Hello everyone, it's been quite quiet around here over the last few months so I just want to give you a quick update about where I'm at and then follow it up with some exciting news.
Since moving to London I decided to take on a full time job and work on CML on evenings and weekends. London is a big place and having once felt like a big fish in Bath where I knew lots of people, the move to London certainly made me feel like a tadpole. I'm much happier now as I'm out and about and I have a very sociable job which is just what my extroverted personality needed.
I've been in full time employment since February but over May and June I've had so much going on, a holiday, relationship anniversary, birthday and some unfortunate mishaps in my personal life which have caused quite a bit of anxiety and stress so I've felt like a bit of a hermit and not quite myself over the last few weeks. It's hard to try and blog when you're in a bit of a negative rut but I'm now trying to rise above this phase and start channelling positive energy again.
Claudia May Lingerie Blog
CML has been in full swing though, lots of you will have received your Aubade x Viktor and Rolf collection orders towards the end of June and beginning of July. If you didn't order anything then you can find a small selection here. As always, thank you for your orders through my site, all orders go appreciated and I hope you feel the love when you open your delivery.
Buying season is coming up next month and I always appreciate your feedback so please follow us on instagram and take part in our polls.
Aubade X Viktor & Rolf
So that's my little life update.
Onto the exciting news...
The Lingerie Guild Established in 2018, has been set up by a strong mix of established independent lingerie retailers and specialists. Working together we provide a unified voice within the industry.
Originally only boutiques who can provide fittings for customers were allowed to be involved in The Lingerie Guild, but two months ago I was approached by them and asked if I would like to join. At 23 I'm probably still the youngest person in this part of the industry and I have the ability to educate women who are my age in the way that some of the boutiques are unable to, i.e. younger people are influenced by younger people. A good bra fitting is essential to every woman. I'm amazed by how many people I speak to who haven't had a bra fitting "in 30 years" "since before I had kids" "12 years ago in M&S" "Never". Your bra size changes a lot throughout life so it's important to go for regular fittings.
A blog post on why bra fittings are essential will be written shortly...
Scattered around the UK you have a small army of incredible bra fitters, make sure you use them and support them, it's an essential service that women of all generations will need.
The Lingerie Guild
So in short, being "Lingerie Guild Certified" means that you can trust me as one of the most passionate lingerie retailers. I'm honoured to be apart of this amazing team of women and if you ever want a bra fitting in the evenings or weekends in London then let me know as I am qualified and who knows, one day I might have my own shop - that's the dream.
Please feel free to contact me about fit advise or what products might be best for you and your needs.

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